Provider Programs

Child care providers are tasked with giving children the most up-to-date, interactive, and developmentally appropriate material they can, in order to ensure that, down the line, children enter kindergarten with the tools they need to succeed. 

Provider Programs are designed to give child care providers support in ways that increase the overall quality of early care and education, in a variety of developmental areas. The diversity of the options we make available help providers meet their individual educational and professional improvement goals.

These programs are available exclusively to SRPA participants.


An important part of the Early Learning Coalition’s (ELC) mission is to support and elevate educators. The ELC would like to continually motivate and reward early childhood educators for pursuing higher education and remaining committed to the field. 

Financial support will be available to child care providers through our Elevate program.  The supplement amounts will be based on providers’ education level and will be disbursed on a semi-annual basis. Supplement amounts range from $200 – $3,000. In addition to financial support, providers will have an advisor to support them at every step of their educational journey.  

For more information, please contact Amanda Houston at


While providing quality child care to Florida’s most vulnerable population, School Readiness providers may receive additional funds (differential payment) per child enrolled in School Readiness based on their CLASS scores. Participation in SRPA is also a requirement for participation in our other local quality programs.

For some providers, SRPA is mandatory. However, even if it is not mandatory for you – you may be able to opt in!

For more information contact Camille Eckrem at


The Nemours Reading BrightStart! (NBS!) Complete Program for Literacy Success puts teachers on the cutting edge of early literacy best practices with an exciting new approach to building reading readiness skills for struggling learners. This unique program is specifically designed for teaching early literacy skills to small groups (no more than 4 children per lesson activity) of diverse, at-risk 4 and 5 year old children, but is an effective teaching tool for all children in that age range.

This program implements Response to Intervention (RTI) in the classroom.

The essential components of NBS! are:

  •         The Lesson Plan Kit with 20 scripted lessons
  •         The Manipulative Kit with related materials necessary to complete each lesson
  •         The Teacher’s Guide that offers in-depth instruction on how to use the curriculum
  •         Family Connection letters that keep families informed about their child’s progress
  •         Observation Sheets to record each child’s progress online
  •         Learning Objectives tied to state and national standards
  •         A Technical Manual with research data and RTI supports
  •         16 children’s storybooks

For more information, please contact Linda Johnson at


The Early Coalition of Pinellas pairs local law enforcement officers, deputies, paramedics, and firefighters and early learning childcare centers together to promote a love of reading and to build positive relationships between our young citizens and law enforcement and other community helpers. Each month, these community helpers visit and read a selected book to the young children and they include conversations relating to safety and character development. Seventy-two centers have partnered with these agencies: Belleair Police Department, Clearwater Police Department, Largo Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, St. Petersburg Police Department, and Sunstar Paramedics.

ELC staff provides book extensions and activities for the classroom teachers to expand this literacy experience. Positive progress has been monitored through communication between childcare centers, community agencies and the Early Learning Coalition via social media and email.

For more information, please contact Linda Johnson at


Help Me Learn!’s mission is to promote early literacy success and prevent reading failures in all children by beginning with a child’s first teacher – the parent in the child’s home. The Early Learning Coalition partners with School Readiness Family Child Care Home (FCCH) providers to provide age appropriate play materials and storybooks to the FCCH providers so their families may check-out literacy materials to play with at the child’s home.

Help Me Learn! milestone learning materials and activities will correlate with the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) which are used by the FCCH providers as a means for screening their enrolled children’s development. These materials, books and activities will be specifically designed for providers and parents to help their children develop socially and emotionally and to improve the child’s gross motor, language skills and cognitive processes through play.

For more information, please contact Linda Johnson at


Quest is a training program created to assist teachers with obtaining the professional education requirements for the Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program. There are multiple types of endorsements; Infant Toddler and Preschool. Quest infuses a hands-on approach for participants to learn concepts through learning stations and small group activities. Teachers use technology to enhance their learning through collaboration and to explore relevant resources. In addition, all participants receive coaching visits to support their implementation of the training content and navigation through the credentialing process. 

To learn more about Quest please contact the following staff for training and endorsement type information:

  If you work with infants/toddlers/two’s, contact Malory Akers at
  Preschool workers and teachers, contact Liz Dixon at



LEEP is an early learning professional development program designed to provide directors and their staff with a suite of supports, including one-to-one coaching, online coursework, and in-person professional development focusing on a variety of topics that matter to early learning professionals.

For more information, please contact Jaime Holevas at


Connecting the Dots is a training coaching program to support the implementation of child assessment in the center/family child care home and in the classroom. This program will provide the necessary tools to conduct child assessments, complete required certification, and support children’s growth and development. Training content will provide strategies to gather quality data and observations to inform planning and classroom activities.

For more information, please contact Robin Cooke at


A specialized training program for childcare providers based on the critical relationship between social emotional and cognitive development. Learning does not happen without the social emotional foundational skills that provide children with the ability to succeed. Trauma informed care is included, as it too provides the understanding that allows teachers to respond with strategies that help those with challenging behavior learn and interact with their friends. There are several sources for the information provided: The Pyramid Model, Conscious Discipline and Mind in the Making are the three most prominent in addition to many insights from noted Mental Health specialists.
This program hosts multiple training workshops that focus on trauma, behavior, social thinking, essential skills, emotions along with coaching support to apply the strategies discussed into providers’ classrooms.

For more information, please contact Brett Engisch at


Right from the Start (RftS):RftS operates within the Professional Development Department and focuses on quality through training, technical assistance and coaching for providers and teachers, working primarily with children ages 0-3. All activities in the program align with the Child Performance Standards (Early Learning and Developmental Standards: Birth to Kindergarten), the Florida Core Competencies for Early Care and Education (Practitioners, Directors), and the Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program.

Right from the Start provides:

  • Infant Toddler Support Line: This line is available to providers to request support with their infant and toddler program to increase quality, overcome challenges, and/or meet state and local requirements.
    For more information, contact Mallory Akers at

  • Infant Capacity Grants: Grants are open to centers and family childcare homes. Recipients are awarded stipends to offset the cost of increasing infant capacity in their program. Coalition staff works with providers to meet program obligations as they choose quality materials and/or identify necessary environmental upgrades. Grant awardees commit to participation in infant/toddler specific professional development, coaching and program assessment.
    For more information, contact Jaime Holevas at

  • Literacy and Language Enhancement SupportThe following are literacy and language enhancements for all Right from the Start Infant/ Toddler Initiative.
  • LENA Grow: An 11 week language building program that combines technology with coaching sessions to help educators and others in the community understand the importance of talking to infants and toddlers. This program offers weekly support and training for staff which involves the use of 14 “Talking Tips” that are research based tips to help increase adult to child interactions and connections. Participating children in classrooms wear vests with a LENA “Talk Pedometer” that analyzes the data within the room which then creates reports for the teachers and parents to view. 

For more information, please contact Zoe Turner at

  • Scholarships/Credentialing: The coalition provides scholarship assistance (leveraging TEACH dollars) to further the education of teachers and directors working with infants/toddlers. Scholarship opportunities are designed to move practitioners along the professional development pathway and include:

1. QUEST (National CDA prep program with an Infant/Toddler Endorsement): 120 hours of coursework/coaching,
professional portfolio development, and exam preparation.
For more information, please contact Malory Akers at

2. RftS Formal Education Scholarships: Scholarships are available to advance on the Professional Development Pathway. The continuum is as follows: (1) National CDA (2) Infant Toddler Certificate (12 credit hours), (3) Florida Advance Early Care and Education Credential (36 credit hours), (4) Associates degree (Early Childhood), (5) Bachelor’s degree (Educational Studies), and (6) Master’s degree (Curriculum and Instruction). 
For more information, please contact Amanda Houston at


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