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Provider Portal Updates

OEL Provider Portal Updates

Please check back for updates on the OEL Provider Portal. We appreciate your patience during this transitional time and will continue to post updates as we get them from OEL.
Please contact our OEL Portal Help Desk at portal.helpdesk@elcpinellas.net or call our Helpline at 727-400-4444


Where can I find a User Guide for the Portal?

You can find the OEL Portal User Guide on the portal dashboard under “frequently used links”. CLICK HERE to be redirected to OEL’s Provider Portal.

What is the difference between the OEL and ELC Portals?


  • July SR Reimbursement
  • August VPK Prepayment
  • Document Library
  • 2018-2019 Contracts

**August 2018 Provider Advance Payment is being processed in the new OEL Portal and we hope to have this completed in a timely manner and deposited to your bank accounts on July 31, 2018.**


  • 2017-2018 VPK
  • 2018-2019 PFP Contracts
  • ASQ Process

**All 17-18 School Readiness adjustment requests and documents need to be uploaded to the ELC Portal by close of business July 25, 2018, to be adjusted with July reimbursement. Please know that after this date, no further adjustment requests or documents will be processed for the 2017-2018 contract year. The 2017-2018 fiscal year ended June 30, 2018, and will be permanently closed as of July 31, 2018.**

**VPK’S will be processed using the ELC Portal, so please record your attendance in that system and submit the day after your VPK program’s last day of instruction per your VPK calendar (whether your program ends in July or August.)**

Why can’t I see my July, August, September, or October attendance?

The State is still working on this function and has currently disabled the attendance screens. Once attendance is functioning properly, a notification enews will be sent out.  

Why can’t I see all of the children I have enrolled to my site?
  1. There are some issues with the data migration from the old system. Please know that the State is researching, and we are working closely with them to resolve.
  2. Newly enrolled or placed children will not appear on your attendance until the client logs into the OEL Family Portal and accepts/approves/signs that they agree that the enrollment is true and accurate.  Families are contacted and told to log-in to their portal account and accept the enrollment.  Once this is done, the child(ren) will appear on your attendance. Please help us to help clients understand this new step.
Will I get reimbursed for all of the children I am serving?
  1. Yes, you will be reimbursed for all children that you are serving as long as they are eligible and finalize the enrollment process. For children that do not appear on your attendance roster, please remind families to finalize the enrollment process via their Family Portal account or contact an ELC staff member through the portal helpdesk at portal.helpdesk@elcpinellas.net
  2. July payments for Centers are based on June payment, and Family Child Care Homes (FCCH’s) are based on the handwritten attendance documents that were submitted. These dollars will be in your bank account on August 20th.
  3. Please stay tuned for an update on August attendance and payments later this month.
What if I need to terminate a child from my care?
  1. If you are no longer serving a child who is appearing on your attendance roster, go to the enrolled children screen; from “view/edit enrollments”, scroll to the far right and choose “end enrollment.”
  2. For children that you terminated in June 2018 that are still appearing on your attendance roster, please end their enrollment as of July 1, 2018.

There are no positions available at this time.  Please check back soon.