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Supportive Interventions

Supportive Interventions

Service Overview

  • All children in Pinellas County who are enrolled in the School Readiness Program through the Coalition are screened using an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).
  • Those who score a result indicating the need for some kind of intervention may be considered for Supportive Intervention Services (SIS), along with referrals to other services in the community; i.e., FDLRS, Early Steps, mental health services, other behavior support services, etc.
  • Children with concerns noted on their ASQ who would not be eligible for formal intervention from FDLRS or Early Steps can benefit from short term, informal interventions. Children receiving supportive interventions are not labeled or diagnosed. Instead they are provided additional supports directly in the early learning environment.
  • In addition to working with children directly, Supportive Intervention Specialists (SIS Specialists) provide training and coaching for teachers and caregivers onsite. After reviewing a child’s ASQ, an SIS Specialist will visit the early learning educator to observe the child and gather information to determine which of (3) services to provide:
    1. An individual case to provide 1:1 services to that child to overcome developmental delays and reach milestones or address specific behavior challenges in the classroom
    2. A site case to provide the teacher with training and coaching on how to implement new teaching strategies, use materials, and address behavior challenges using the Positive Behavior Support Model
    3. Offer developmental activities and refer for other services

Services are provided based on need (of the child AND the early learning educator) and typically last 3-4 months. At any time during the service, a child can be referred for other services.


For more information, please contact Kelley Miller, Screening & Intervention Supervisor, at 727-400-4454 or kmiller@elcpinellas.net.