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Looking Beyond Behavior

Looking Beyond Behavior
Specialized Care Provider Program


Looking Beyond Behavior is a year long specialized training program for child care centers with the emphasis on the crucial relationship between the brain and the social emotional development of young children. This training series focuses on trauma informed care and the importance of nurturing relationships to enable teachers to respond to trauma based behaviors using a multitude of techniques to include: Positive Behavior Supports and Conscious Discipline. Participants will be rewarded with monetary incentives to share new strategies learned with the entire center with the support of a coach. Materials will be provided at each class to support the implementation of the new strategies.

The goal is to create a network of specialized care providers who are able to accommodate and nurture all children in their care by meeting their individual needs. This program also enlists the support of parents. Providers will be given stipends to host events to encourage families to participate in their children’s social emotional development and learning. This partnership between parents and school will create a stable environment that enhances every child’s learning abilities.

The Specialized Care Provider Program develops skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • The social-emotional development of children, especially those affected by trauma and its impact on the growth of their brains
  • The identification of the form and function of challenging behavior
  • Strategies and tools to de-escalate and resolve conflict
  • Preventative strategies for avoiding the development of aggressive behaviors
  • The development of a behavior support plan that meets the individual needs of a specific child
  • Teaching strategies and materials for the creation of a classroom family that demonstrates emotional literacy and empathy for each member
  • The creation of independent problem solvers who maintain classroom harmony through their use of these skills

If you are interested in joining our training program or have any questions, please contact
Brett Engisch at 727-400-4456,
Jennifer Bragdon at 727-400-4455,

Sponsored By:
Florida’s Office of Early Learning and Project LAUNCH