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Levels of Excellence and Accreditation for Pinellas



The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas (ELC) welcomes you to Levels of Excellence and Accreditation for Pinellas (LEAP), a program designed to continuously improve the quality of early childhood experiences. Research has consistently shown that accredited high quality early learning programs help guide children toward greater cognitive, language, and social skills; key measures of school readiness. The ELC appreciates your commitment to quality as you help prepare children for success in school, work, and life.

 What Is LEAP?


LEAP is a systematic approach that assesses, improves, and communicates quality levels in early care and education programs. LEAP reviews quality indicators, such as assessment, curriculum, environment, and professional development and assigns a quality level based on indicators achieved.

  • LEAP participants will embark on a path of continuous quality improvement
  • LEAP will offer opportunities for providers to increase the quality of early care and education services
  • LEAP will increase parent’s understanding and demand for higher quality care
  • LEAP will offer opportunity to apply for our professional development incentive program



  • Coaching will be provided to support quality improvement
  • Gold Seal Providers will be eligible for an increase in the reimbursement rate of up to 20% for SR children
  • Accreditation status can be used to market programs and potentially increase enrollment
  • Accreditation fees will be paid for LEAP participants
  • Incentives will be available for teachers, caregivers, and directors to continue education
  • Additional incentives will be available for staff retention

For more information, contact Sima Saffary at 727-400-4471 or