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Developmental Screening for School Readiness Children

Developmental Screening for School Readiness Children

Once a child is enrolled in the School Readiness (SR) Program, they will begin receiving periodic developmental screenings through their child care provider.  the screenings used help to check a child’s general development. The results help determine if a child’s development is on schedule.  Evidence shows that the earlier development is assessed—the greater the chance a child has to reach his or her potential.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3)

The ASQ is a screening of the child’s current developmental skills at that moment in time and serves as an indicator for potential delays for further screening and evaluations.  It is provided to the child care provider for any School Readiness funded child enrolled in their care who is “due” to have a screening each month.

Each child is screened within the first 45 days of enrolling into care. Subsequently, a child will be screened annually on or around their birthday. Some children are screened more often if indicated by the parent or child care provider.

Once a month, providers will be sent a “face sheet” indicating which child is due to have an ASQ that month. The provider will log into the Provider Portal and complete the ASQ. The Coalition will retrieve the ASQ for scoring and tracking.

The ASQ screens the child’s development in (5) areas typical for each age:

Communication skills
Gross Motor skills
Fine Motor skills
Problem-Solving skills
Personal-Social skills

Children whose scores indicate concerns in any area are discussed with the child care provider and the parent by trained developmental specialists. The point of the discussion is to gather additional information from the adults in the child’s life to determine if further evaluation is needed to help the child reach developmental goals.


Social Emotional ASQ’s (ASQ-SE2)

ASQ-SE’s are also available to screen children when there are concerns about their behavior, emotions, or social skills. The ASQ:SE can be accessed by a parent or child care provider through the Coalition at no cost. The ASQ-SE is recommended when a child is having difficulty managing or expressing their emotions, exhibiting challenging behaviors, or problems relating to their peers or adults in a way that is typical for their age. Trained developmental staff in the Coalition can interpret results and refer families for additional services as needed.

To complete the ASQSE-2, please click here


Referral and Navigation

If it is decided that the child could benefit from further evaluation, the Quality Services staff can coordinate referrals for free evaluations and services from the federally mandated agencies that provide them in Pinellas County.

  • Early Steps: a family-centered early intervention system that serves children birth to 36 months, regardless of family’s income (727) 767-4403.
  • FDLRS/Child Find (Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System): a part of Pinellas County schools, available at no cost providing screenings for children ages 3-5 (who are not in a K-12 program) , information regarding programs and services available for children with special needs and their families, and assistance in obtaining appropriate educational evaluations. (727) 793-2731.

The referral and accompanying paperwork can be completed by Supportive Intervention staff for the families to access services. Specialists in the department can also help families understand the nature of the developmental concern noted on their child’s ASQ, interpret ASQ screening results, refer for other services such as mental health counseling, behavioral services, etc. and explain how to navigate through the developmental services system.


 For more information, please contact Kelley Miller, Screening and Intervention Supervisor, at 727-400-4454 or kmiller@elcpinellas.net.