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Behavioral Resources

Referral Sources for Behavioral Concerns

Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, INC
(813) 740-4811

A one-stop single entry access system to a full continuum of social supports and nontraditional services, including those related to health and wellness. They contract with different agencies that provide behavioral health services and they can provide resources to parents as well. They are located in Tampa but also serve Pinellas County.


Creative Behavior Solutions (CBS)
(727) 280-6643

CBS specializes in developmental disabilities including ASD for children 15 months of age to 18 years. We offer early intervention, academic, communication, and social skills and independent living skills. We also offer training for parents, teachers, and community members.


Directions for Living (Children’s Behavioral Health)
(727) 524-4464

Directions for Living is one of only two sites in Florida that has been selected to implement the evidence-based practice of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. By partnering with leading experts from across the country, Directions for Living is committed to delivering a variety of high quality, affordable behavioral health services to children and youths who have been victims of violence, witnesses to violence, or who have suffered a traumatic loss, as well as those with behavioral or emotional disorders.


Early Steps (0-3)
(800) 218-0001 or (727) 767-4403

Provides information and referral services to families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Resource specialists provide answers and/or possible choices of services within your community; education on disability-related services and provides advocacy roles for families.


FDLRS/Child Find (3-5yrs)
(727) 793-2731

Parent Services – (Partnerships between families, schools, and communities) – Assists families that have children with disabilities to develop effective partnerships with their home school district, fostering an environment of shared responsibility for improving the education of all children and youth.


Foundation TherapyContact: Amy Perry
(727) 724-5437

Sensory Processing Disorder- Focusing on the internal and external sensory needs of a child for function in school, home and social situations.


House of MercyContact: Dolores Mortimer
(727) 786-7951

We are a faith-based provider of mental health and learning services for children and their families from all walks of life.  Our mission is to faithfully provide quality mental and behavioral health services and educational interventions that encourage caring, compassion, and a sense of well-being.


Infant-Family Mental Health Center

The Infant Family Center actively promotes interdisciplinary training, research, and practice related to the social and emotional development of all children during the first five years of life.  The Center provides quality services to children ages 0-5 years that support and strengthen families and improve child outcomes.


Project Challenge
(727) 578-KIDS (5437)

Project Challenge offers many different services to help young children and their families get a good start. Our professional staff works with parents and caregivers on an ongoing basis to help children become more successful in the child care environment and at home. Regular meetings are held with the team of the parents, the caregiver and agency staff to find creative solutions for problem issues.


Suncoast Center
( 727) 388-1220

Specializes in working with children with: Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD), Adjustment Disorders, Anger Issues, Anxiety Issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Trauma, and Behavior Disorders.

Autism Related Behavioral Services


CARD (The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities)
(800) 333-4530

he Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at USF is a community-based project that provides information and consultation to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. CARD-USF offers instruction and coaching to families and professionals through a training and assistance model.


Autism Early Intervention Clinics: Contact Person: Dr. Frans Van Haaren
(727) 576-7600

While the cause of autism remains unknown, we do know that early intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can greatly improve the outlook for many autistic children and their families.


The Autism Center at All Children’s  Hospital (ABA)
(727) 767-2886

Applied Behavior Analysis Services at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital offers individualized assistance for children with challenging behavior, their families, and other caretakers, as well as supports professionals from various other disciplines at ACH. ABA Services are designed to identify the purposes behavior serves for a child and to develop interventions focused on preventing problems, teaching replacement skills, and responding effectively to behavior. The goals of intervention are not only to improve behavior, but also to enhance the overall quality of life for children and families.